Sick of plastic

Producers and supermarkets are largely contributing to the plastic crisis we are facing today. As consumers, we can drive change but our individual voices are louder and stronger when we come together. Sick of Plastic want to support people in connecting with others in their local area to drive change on a bigger scale. In addition to putting pressure on Supermarkets to act on plastic, Sick of Plastic has been pressuring government to place legislation for tackling plastic. The Waste Reduction Bill demands the following; 1. Introduce a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles and aluminium cans 2. Tax single use coffee cups and promote reuse 3. Ireland to comply with EU ban on single use plastics

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CTT is a group of volunteers who work throughout the year to develop Cahersiveen's public and green spaces. From planting to painting, from beach and street cleans to renovating landmarks and creating greater biodiversity, we focus on increasing the towns green footprint and supporting local businesses with our activities. Through Social Media we promote all our great local green businesses such as Rocket Deliveries, which delivers organic veg with zero plastic packaging, and Skellig Soaps and the Aquarian Health Store who both help you go plastic free at home.

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