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Amergin Glúnmar (big knee) was a bard (poet) and judge for the Milesians in Irish mythology.  He is said to have learnt the art of Arbitration and Judging in Egypt. He was one of the seven sons of Míl Espáine and took part in the Milesian conquest of Ireland.



He landed near present day Waterville and met the three queens of the Tuatha Dé Danann (Banba, Ériu and Fódla). They gave Amergin and his people permission to settle in Ireland but required him to name the island after each of them.  Ériu is the origin of Éire, and Banba and Fódla are used as poetic names for Ireland.  Tech Amerigin in Waterville is named after him.

Amergin Poem.jpg


When the Tuatha De Danann druids’ spells were sending winds against the Milesian Fleet Amergin sang the poem ‘I seek the Land of Ireland’, which calmed the sea and allowed the Milesians to land and defeat the Tuatha De Danann.

THE SONG OF AMERGIN - The first spoken Irish Poem 

Recounted in the Leabhar Gabhála (The Book of Invasions), the poem has been described as an invocation, as a mystical chant, as an affirmation of unity, as sorcery, as a creation incantation, and as the first spoken Irish poem. 

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