WINTER 2021/2







Join us on Sunday 19th June for a Town Litter Pick with KDYS students from around Kerry and Northern Ireland - meet at 3pm at the Community Centre - bags and gloves provided.



A great 2 days planting up the tall planters for the main street - and setting out our 'doing more with less' garden patch in the Car Park. Swing by and have a look and also check out our wildflower mural designed and painted by the talented Holly Woolett.  Thank you to Walsh's Supervalu for their sponsorship and continued support of CTT.



the bees will thank you 

Our Leave No Trace signs go out this month - look for them in the Marina and on our Walking Trails.  Thanks to Conlon's Designs and a grant from KCC's Community Support Fund. 

Volunteers are busy up at the Polytunnel at the O'Connell centre getting our plants ready for the town planters.  We are very grateful for all the community donations of pollinator plants, pots, seeds and colourful annuals and for the enthusiastic help from our Ukrainian residents.  Maith an obair!

A lovely afternoon was had on the 13th - in an event to kick of National Biodiversity Week 2022, working with the LIVE Project and local residents recording biodiversity in the meadows at the Valentia Observatory.  So many native grasses, bog orchids and wildflowers to see as more and more lawns are reconverted to meadows.

Come along and join ACARD in a Community Party to welcome our Ukrainian friends - Saturday 7th May 4pm-6pm.  Refreshments and live music and dancing to look forward to!





120 Native bare root trees were planted in the community green space OTW on the 28th April.  This was possible with support from the CCBA, KCC and the Trees On The Land project - join us in the coming months if you would like to get involved in mulching and tending these 'newbies'.  We had a lot of help on the day from some Ukrainian residents.  Thank you very much! or ... дякую.

80 Native trees and shrubs were planted in the Town Park by the reconstructed Sive Fort on the 2rd April - thanks again to a large group of Ukrainian and Afghan residents - ye are all stars!!

For National Spring Cleaning Week  volunteers and our Ukrainian residents took to the streets on April 1st - resulting in 20 bags collected.  Thanks to Kieran in the Marina for allowing us to store them there - you can always drop by and ask for him if you would like bags and pickers to clean up your own area anytime. 


A massive thank you to all who donated teddy bears and seeds for our Saint Patrick's Day floats.  This was the first year that we gave out native wildflower seeds and we have Judy and James to thank for organising that.  Bravo to Ad who constructed our main float and Joan, Ann, Angela, Marian and Sean who helped put the others together.  It was great to see a bit of street life again after all the restrictions.


Thank you so much to the Cuas Crom Beach Committee who donated €500 to Tidy Towns, from their Christmas Swim fundraiser.  This money will go towards projects like our murals and pollinator planting throughout the year.  Go raibh mile maith agat! 

If you are thinking of clearing out your garden, now that the days are getting brighter - please remember that many insects (butterflies, bees, hoverflies) rely on the leaves and dead grass for hibernation - maybe wait until temperatures are consistently above 10 degrees and give these pollinators a chance to rest and emerge when the days are warmer.





Happy New Year from everyone at Cahersiveen Tidy Towns!  What are some of your New Years Resolutions?  For us here at CTT we aim to:

  • Plant more perennials and pollinator friendly plants in our planters this year

  • Use more donated and grown from seed plant stocks

  • Use Social Media to ask for donations and loans of equipment - to generate less waste and operate more sustainably

  • Buy compost and mulch in bulk to cut down on plastic bags - and buy organic and peat free where we can

  • Continue to operate paperless

  • Increase the amount of green spaces in the town that are left to go wild / less mowed to encourage meadow growth

  • Continue to be chemical free in our use of fertilizer 

Some Green Sustainable NY Resolution ideas for households:

  • Switch to solid products in the bathroom - natural soaps and shampoos - cutting out plastics and excess use of water in the production of liquid shower gels and shampoos.  See the range at Skelligs Soaps and The Aquarian right here in town.  

  • Keep reusable bags in your car and by the front door - then you never forget to bring your own bags as you go shopping.  If you do forget ask the shopkeeper for a paper bag over a plastic bag at the check-out

  • decide to change one habit for each month of 2022 - there are many ideas on line to chose from - pick goals you know you can stick to - e.g. switching off lights more often in rooms you don't use might be more achievable than installing solar panels :) 

We have been lucky to get grant funding from both the Leader Program and The Community Environment Action Fund to develop Biodiversity Projects within the town in 2020 - more details to follow..

Our Christmas Quizes raised over E1000 - thanks to great support from local businesses and quiz goers - this money will go towards planting indigenous shrubs and developing waste spaces throughout the year.


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